Groundhog Day Directions

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From I-70/I-76/PA Turnpike West:
Exit 110 - PA 601/TO US 219 - Johnstown/Somerset
Turn left onto PA 601 North to the US 219 connector.
Turn right onto it and continue straight following signs for US 219 North - Johnstown.
Follow US 219 North to McGees Mills.
Turn left onto PA 36 North in McGees Mills and follow to the Borough of Punxsutawney.

From I-70/I-76/PA Turnpike East:
Exit 75 - I-70/US 119/PA Turnpike 66 - Greensburg/Wheeling, WV
Continue straight after toll plaza and follow signs for US 119 North.
Follow US 119 North to the Borough of Punxsutawney.

From I-80 West:
Exit 101 - PA 255 - DuBois/Penfield
Follow PA 255 South to US 219.
Turn left onto US 219 South to US 119.
Bare right onto US 119 South and follow to the Borough of Punxsutawney.

From I-80 East:
Exit 78 - PA 36 - Sigel/Brookville
Follow PA 36 South to the Borough of Punxsutawney.

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