Interstate 176

Just after departing the toll plaza at the southern terminus of Interstate 176 at the PA
Turnpike.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Turning the bend to head north to Reading, after paralleling the PA Turnpike for two
miles.  (Jeff Kitsko)  
On the straight-away between Exit 1 and Exit 7.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At Exit 7 just west of Green Hills.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 724 and US 422 interchanges.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the northern terminus at US 422.  (Jeff Kitsko)
The northern terminus of the Interstate southeast of Reading.  (Doug Kerr)

At the beginning of the Interstate at the trumpet interchange with US 422 southeast
of Reading.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 10 interchange north of Green Hills.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Original pavement just south of Exit 7.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Entering the Borough of New Morgan.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At Exit 2 which used to be the original route of Interstate 176 prior to the opening of
the new interchange with the Turnpike, which just happens to be right below the right
edge of the ramp.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At Exit 1 which is another interchange with PA 10, and a truck escape ramp in case
a truck were to loose its brakes approaching the toll plaza.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Morgantown Interchange's toll plaza and the southern terminus of
Interstate 176 at the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  (Jeff Kitsko)

Interstate 176

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