Pennsylvania Highways
Pennsylvania Highways Supercenter USA, LLC Walmart has become the nation's largest retailer and one of the more notable chains in Pennsylvania.  Apparel, electronics, appliances, garden and patio items, sporting goods, and other products can be viewed and purchased by clicking on the graphic at left.  So whether you are getting ready for a trip or staying close to home, you can find what you need below or at the Walmart site.  Don't forget, any product purchased online can be returned at any store across Pennsylvania.

Walmart Tire & Lube Express

Before you hit the highways, head to Walmart Tire & Lube Express for a wide range of tires.  For added benefit, select their Tire Protection Plan for $9.75/tire which include valve stem replacement, lifetime balance and rotation, and repair or replacement due to road hazards.

Walmart Music Downloads

Maybe you'd rather listen to some classics or the latest hits as you cruise down the highway.  Forget about iTunes and Napster, when you can get the same music for less.

Walmart Photo Center

Bring those vacation pictures to the Walmart Photo Center for professional development.  You can even create items such as mouse pads, colanders, mugs, and more with your pictures imprinted on them.

Walmart Vision Center

Whether you need a new pair or extra pair before your next trip, or you accidentally lost one down the sink, fill your contact lens prescription conveniently online.

Walmart Pets

Don't forget about your four-legged, finned, or winged friends when you're traveling.  Get them things to occupy their time, and keep them out of trouble, whether they are staying home or tagging along.


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