US 224

Another of Pennsylvania's short US highways, the first US 224 shields appeared in the Commonwealth in 1933.  In 1936, the eastern terminus was moved from US 422 in Parkstown to PA 18 at North Jefferson Street in New Castle forming a multiplex of two routes that mirrored each other.  Improvements took place to the route in 1938 in the form of paving taking place from Carbon Limestone Road to Peanut and Mohawk School Road to the current PA 551 intersection west of the Mahoning River.  In addition to that, the route was widened from Parkstown to New Castle.

In 1947, the eastern terminus was moved from North Jefferson Street to Sampson Street due to US 422 being rerouted.  In 1973, construction on Falls Street in New Castle began and was completed in 1976 along with a median installed on State Street from Harbor Street to Sampson Street.  The opening of the new alignment marked the end of the designation being signed on Grant Street.  Another change in US 422's alignment created a change in US 224's in 1974.  With the completion of the New Castle Bypass that year, the US 422 signage was removed from the city which left a void filled by US 224.  The new eastern terminus was at US 422 at the eastern end of the bypass.  The route followed Grant Street, Jefferson Street, Grove Street, Neal Street, Taylor Street, and Butler Avenue.  However, the new alignment would not last for long because in 1977 the western terminus was moved to its current location and the route through New Castle signed as Business US 422.

After a 30-year hiatus, US 224 once again enters the City of New Castle.  PennDOT submitted an application to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to extend the route two miles to end at PA 18 rather than US 422/PA 60.  The application was approved at their September 28-29, 2007 meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The designation officially replaced SR 4014 along State Street on March 20, 2008.

Terminus of US 224 - Dale Sanderson
US 224 Pictures - Andy Field/Alex Nitzman
US 224 Pictures - Doug Kerr
US 224 Pictures - Steve Alpert

Western Entrance: Ohio state line three miles west of Peanut
Eastern Terminus: PA 18 at Jefferson Street in New Castle
Length: 10 miles
National Highway System: None
Names: Youngstown-Poland Road, State Street, and Falls Street
SR Designation: 0224
County: Lawrence
Expressway: None
Multiplexed Routes: PA 551:  North Edinburg to Edinburg
Business US 422:  Sampson Street to PA 18
Former Designations: PA 17 (1927 - 1928)
US 422 (1928 - 1936):  Parkstown to US 422
PA 317 (1928 - 1930):  Ohio state line to Parkstown
PA 17 (1930 - 1933):  Ohio state line to Parkstown
SR 4014 (1987 - 2008):  I-376 to PA 18
Former LR Designations: 444:  Ohio state line to Covert Road/Old Youngstown Road in Parkstown
81:  Covert Road/Old Youngstown Road to PA 18

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