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Bushkill Falls

Everyone knows about Niagara Falls, but did you know that the Keystone State has its own version?  Charles E. Peters purchased the land that surrounded the seven waterfalls known collectively as "The Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania" located in southern Pike County, and in 1904, opened the attraction to the public.

Initially there was only one trail which led to a swinging bridge at the top of the Main Falls.  Over his lifetime, Charles developed more of the acreage around the waterfalls by building trails and rustic bridges to access all seven of the falls.  The falls and surrounding acreage are still owned by the Peters family to this day to ensure that it retains its scenic beauty.

Aerial picture of Bushkill Falls
Aerial picture of Bushkill Falls.

Phone:  1- 888-628-7454 or 570-588-6682 
Address:  Bushkill Falls
P. O. Box 151
Bushkill, PA  18324-0151
Admission:  Adults - $9.00
Seniors - $8.00
Children 4 to 10 - $4.00
Children under 4 - free

Sign on Bushkill Falls Road at the entrance.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Visitor's Center (left) and gift shop (right).  (Jeff Kitsko)
Wildlife Exhibit showcasing some of the indigenous animals found in the area.
(Jeff Kitsko)
Animals such as the coyote, bison, elk, and wolf were numerous in Pennsylvania,
but over the years their numbers have dwindled due to excessive hunting, lack of
suitable habitats, and loss of food supplies.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Beginning of the extensive trail system with four different routes to and around the
falls.  (Jeff Kitsko)
View of the Upper Canyon Falls.  (Jeff Kitsko)
View of the Bridal Falls.  (Jeff Kitsko)
View of the Main Falls from the bottom.  (Jeff Kitsko)
View of the Main Falls from the top.  (Jeff Kitsko)
View of the Lower Gorge and Little Bushkill Creek.  (Jeff Kitsko)

Bushkill Falls Wall Poster
by Virgil Sigl

Now you can enjoy the natural splendor of the "Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania" anywhere.


Bushkill Falls
Bushkill Falls - Pennsylvania Tourism Office
Bushkill Falls Webcam - Pennsylvania Tourism Office

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