Interstate 476

On the ramp from Interstate 95 southbound and approaching the MacDade
Boulevard interchange in Crum Lynne.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Media/Swarthmore interchange east of Media.  (Jeff Kitsko)
After the US 1 interchange, which is where that on-ramp on the right is coming.  US
1's interchange is a "volleyball" as named by Scott "Kurumi" Oglesby.  (Jeff Kitsko)
After the PA 3 interchange east of Broomall.  PennDOT installed noise abatement
walls along the Blue Route to keep the quiet, almost rural setting of the area.
(Jeff Kitsko)
At the US 30 interchange west of Saint Davids.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Crossing PA 320/Montgomery Avenue and approaching the Interstate 76
interchange near Radnor.  (Jeff Kitsko)

Just north of the Mid-County Interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Lansdale Interchange west of that borough.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Between the Lansdale and Quakertown Interchanges in northern Montgomery
County.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Quakertown Interchange near Spinnerstown.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Just north of the Quakertown Interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Lehigh Valley Interchange in Allentown.  This interchange is one of the rare
Turnpike interchanges to connect to another Interstate without having to travel
through traffic signals or endure a strip of commerce.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Just north of the Lehigh Valley Interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Lehigh Tunnel near Emerald.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Lehigh Tunnel, which straddles the Lehigh/Carbon County line.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Pocono Interchange, which features a Breezewood-like connection between
Interstate 476 and Interstate 80.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Wilkes-Barre Interchange which is the last exit on the Northeast Extension
with a toll plaza.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Wyoming Valley Toll Plaza near Yatesville.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Wyoming Valley Interchange near Dupont.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Keyser Avenue Interchange, which is one of the newer interchange
on the Turnpike System.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Clarks Summit Toll Plaza which is the last on the Northeast
Extension.  Just ahead is the end of the line, but you do get a choice of taking
Interstate 81, US 6, or US 11 at a complex triple trumpet interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)

At the beginning of the Interstate in Clarks Summit.  (Chris Jordan)
At the Pocono Interchange west of White Haven.  (Chris Jordan)
Approaching the Lansdale Interchange, which connects with PA 63 in Kulpsville.
(Doug Kerr)
After the Lansdale Interchange and approaching the Mid-County Interchange with
the mainline Turnpike.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Mid-County Interchange which is just around the bend ahead.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Mid-County Interchange's toll plaza, which is the largest on the Turnpike
System with 17 lanes.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Norristown interchange, which is the first free exit.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Schuylkill Expressway interchange near Gulph Mills.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Just south of the interchange with Interstate 76.  This section features a parkway-like
design with landscaping and brown guiderails.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the US 30 interchange in Saint Davids.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Just south of the US 30 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Just south of the PA 3 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the US 1 interchange, which is the only "volleyball" interchange in the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Baltimore Pike interchange east of Media.  (Jeff Kitsko)

Interstate 476

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