Interstate 676
Vine Street Expressway Pictures

I-676 westbound at 10th Street I-676 westbound
I-676 westbound I-676 westbound at I 76

One of my favorite urban expressways, of those that I have seen. I-676 is a four-six lane suppressed expressway cutting through downtown Philadelphia.  It begins at I-76 from the west and sinks below the city surface of downtown.  There are many bridges and tunnels on I-676.  A lot of which have landscaped parks above, helping to conceal the expressway's presence.  One of these that comes to mind is the tunnel underneath the area around the Ben Franklin Parkway.

I-676 also has a stack interchange (Y) with I-95, while it branches to the south, crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge with US 30 multiplexing.  There are some at grade intersections between the bridge and the Vine Street Expressway, so the link between I-676 in PA and NJ is not all limited access.

Interstate 676
Interstate 676 Pictures
Interstate 676 - Andy Field/Alex Nitzman

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