Interstate 81 Stack Interchanges

April of 1994

I-81 at US 22/322/PA 230 in Harrisburg

I-81 at US 22/US 322/PA 230 in Harrisburg.  This is a symmetrical stack interchange.

Another view of I-81 at US 22/322/PA 230 in Harrisburg

Here's another view of the stack interchange from eastbound US 22/US 322 ramp to northbound I-81.  Image taken from December 21, 1993

Old stack interchange at I-81/I-84/I-380

The old "X" stack interchange at I-84/I-380 on I-81 north. This interchange has undergone a massive construction project, with the new US 6 freeway linking from the north.  The freeway today still incorporates the original "X" stack, but now has a series of ramps that are cut into the rock linking the new US 6 freeway.

Closer view of the old stack interchange at I-81/I-84/I-380

A closer view of the "X" stack interchange.  There is another "X" stack interchange just southeast of here where I-84/I-380 splits.

Interstate 81
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