Interstate 83

Crossing into Pennsylvania from Maryland, and across the Mason-Dixon Line.
(Jeff Kitsko)

Approaching the Rest Area/Welcome Center two miles inside Pennsylvania.
(Jeff Kitsko)

At the PA 216 interchange northeast of Glen Rock.  (Jeff Kitsko)

At the Interstate Business Loop 83 interchange south of York.  This marks the
southern terminus of the business loop.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 462 interchange in York.  PA 462 used to carry the US 30 designation
before the bypass was completed, but it is still the Lincoln Highway.
(Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 238 interchange in Emigsville.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 295 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 177 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 262 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Limeklin Road interchange, just after the Pennsylvania Turnpike interchange.
(Jeff Kitsko)
At the New Cumberland interchange and approaching the PA 581 interchange in
Highland Park.  (Jeff Kitsko)
In the New Cumberland area before crossing the Susquehanna River.
(Jeff Kitsko)
Crossing the Susquehanna River, which is the longest unnavigable river in the United States, on the John Harris Bridge.  (Jeff Kitsko)
After crossing the John Harris Bridge and into Dauphin County.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Paxtang area and the Eisenhower Interchange.  By looking at the
picture, it is hard to imagine that this is in the heart of the capital.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Eisenhower Interchange which connects I-83, I-283, and US 322.
(Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching Exit 48 on the east side of Harrisburg.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the US 22 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the terminus of I-83 at Exit 51.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the terminus of I-83 at Exit 51.  (Jeff Kitsko)
On the ramp from I-83 North to I-81 North.  (Jeff Kitsko)

At the US 22 cloverleaf in Progress.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Eisenhower Interchange near Paxtang, where I-83, I-283, US 322,
Eisenhower Boulevard, and Paxton Street all connect.  (Jeff Kitsko)
In the Paxtang area approaching the downtown area.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the John Harris Bridge in downtown.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 581 interchange where Interstate 83 turns southward to head
to York and Baltimore, Maryland.  (Jeff Kitsko)

Approaching the Limekiln Road interchange in New Cumberland.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the interchange with the Turnpike, which is one of the earliest
Interstate-to-Turnpike connections in Pennsylvania.  (Alex Nitzman)
Approaching Exit 38 in Reesers Summit.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At Exit 38 in Reesers Summit.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching Exit 35 in southern Fairview Township.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the parking area east of Yocumtown.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the bridge over Conewago Creek northwest of Strinestown.
(Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching Exit 28 south of Strinestown.  (Jeff Kitsko)
After Exit 28 approaching the Little Conewago Creek crossing.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At Exit 24 east of Roundtown.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At Exit 22 which is the northern terminus for Interstate Business Loop 83.
(Jeff Kitsko)
At Exit 21 which is for the main east-west highway in the York area, US 30.  The
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle assembly plant is located east of the interchange.
(Jeff Kitsko)
At the Sherman Street overpass in Windsor Park.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Interstate Business Loop 83 interchange south of York, near
Leader Heights.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Just after the PA 182 interchange in Leader Heights.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 216 interchange just south of Loganville.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 216 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 851 interchange in Shrewsbury.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Two miles from the Maryland state line, also known as the Mason-Dixon Line.
(Jeff Kitsko)

Interstate 83

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