Interstate 84

At the Tigue Street interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 435 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the interchange with PA 435, which used to be US 611 prior to 1972.
(Doug Kerr)
At the location where Interstate 84 and Interstate 380 part ways.  (Jeff Kitsko)
After passing through the Interstate 380 south interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Newfoundland/Hamlin interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 191 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 507 interchange near Greentown.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 507 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Between Exit 26 and Exit 30 near Blooming Grove.  (Jeff Kitsko)
After the Milford interchange and making the bend to parallel US 6 to Matamoras.
The farthest ridge in the picture is actually the State of New Jersey.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the Matamoras interchange, which is the last in Pennsylvania.
(Jeff Kitsko)
Crossing the Delaware River into New York, and very close to the New Jersey state
line meets both states' borders.  (Jeff Kitsko)

Crossing the Delaware River from New York.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Paralleling US 6 between the Matamoras and Milford interchanges.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Between Exit 46 and Exit 34.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the PA 739 interchange.  (Doug Kerr)
At the PA 402 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the PA 247/PA 348 interchange.  (Jeff Kitsko)
Approaching the directional-Y interchange with Interstate 380.  (Doug Kerr)
At the interchange with Interstate 380 near Elmhurst.  That Interstate joins Interstate
84 to travel to Scranton.  (Jeff Kitsko)
At the Tigue Street interchange.  (Doug Kerr)
At the stack interchange with I-81 and US 6. (Doug Kerr)
Approaching the end of I-84 in Scranton.  (Doug Kerr)
At the western end of I-84 in Scranton.  (Doug Kerr)

Interstate 84

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