US Bicycle Route 30 marker
Western Entrance: Ohio state line two and one-half miles west of West Springfield
Eastern Entrance: New York state line four miles east of Orchard Beach
Length: 46.60 miles
National Highway System:
West 6th Street to East Lake Road
Names: Ridge Road, West Lake Road, West 6th Street, Cherokee Drive, West Bayfront Parkway, East Bayfront Parkway, East 6th Street, and East Lake Road
Multiplexed Routes: US 20:  Ohio state line to PA 5
PA 5:  US 20 to Alternate PA 5 and Alternate PA 5 to the New York state line
Alternate PA 5:  PA 5 to West 6th Street; West 6th Street to Cranberry Street; and East Bayfront Parkway to PA 5
SR 4034:  Cranberry Street to Alternate PA 5
County: Erie
Expressway: None
BicyclePA Route Z marker BicyclePA Route: Entire length
Lake Erie Circle Tour marker Great Lakes Circle Tour: Ohio state line to West 6th Street
West 6th Street to the New York state line
Great Lakes Seaway Trail/America's Byway markers Great Lakes Seaway Trail: Entire length
History: Signed through Pennsylvania in 2018.
Links: US Bicycle Route 30 (Pennsylvania) - Ride with GPS
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US Bicycle Route 36 marker
Western Entrance: Ohio state line one mile west of Espyville
Eastern Entrance: New York state line at the Mid-Delaware Bridge in Matamoras
Length: 395.80 miles
National Highway System:
US 6N to Business US 6
Business US 6 to PA 107
PA 107 to US 6
Names: State Highway 285, Church Road, Hartstown Road, South Mercer Street, West Erie Street, East Erie Street, Conneaut Lake-Linesville Road, Harmonsburg Road, Cussewago Road, Spring Street, Baldwin Street, Baldwin Street Extension, Main Street, Church Street, Cussewago Street, River Street, Venango Avenue, North Main Street, Perry Highway, Grand Army of the Republic Highway, West Center Street, East Center Street, Meadville Road, South Main Street, East High Street, Route 6, West Columbus Avenue, East Columbus Avenue, West Main Street, East Main Street, National Forge Road, Ludlow Street, Pennsylvania Avenue West, Pennsylvania Avenue East, Crary Avenue, North Fraley Street, Greeves Street, Edgar James Street, Biddle Street, Wood Street, South Marvin Street, East Street, Port Allegheny Road, West Chestnut Street, East 2nd Street, Tioga Street, East Avenue, East Roosevelt Highway, West Wellsboro Street, East Wellsboro Street, Sullivan Street, Sylvania Road, Elmira Street, Reuter Boulevard, York Avenue, Golden Mile Road, State Street, State Route 107, Benton Road, Heart Lake Road, Rushbrook Street, Poplar Street, Lackawanna Avenue, Erie Street, Gordon Avenue, Pike Street, North Church Street, Canaan Street, Roosevelt Highway, West Carbondale Road, Carbondale Road, Honesdale Road, Keen Lake Road, West Park Street, Church Street, 4th Street, Willow Avenue, Grandview Avenue, Texas-Palmyra Highway, Hudson Street, Main Avenue, Spring Street, Bellemonte Avenue, Welwood Avenue, West Harford Street, Broad Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue
Multiplexed Routes: PA 285:  Ohio state line to Church Road
SR 3005:  PA 285 to SR 3011
SR 3011:  SR 3005 to US 6
US 6:  Linesville to Harmonsburg Road; Baldwin Street Extension to Youngsville; US 62 to Business US 6; Business US 6 to PA 107; Business US 6 to West Carbondale Road; Keen Lake Road to the New York state line
SR 3016:  US 6 to PA 102
PA 102:  Harmonsburg Road to Spring Street
SR 2024:  PA 102 to Baldwin Street Extension
SR 2037:  Spring Street to US 6/US 19
US 19:  Baldwin Street Extension to US 6N
PA 198:  South Street to Saegertown
PA 8:  Meadville Road to Union City
PA 89:  Beaver Dam Road to King Road
PA 27:  Pittsfield to Youngsville
SR 3022:  PA 27 to US 62
US 62:  National Forge Road to Laurel Street in Warren
Business US 6:  US 6 to US 6 in Warren
PA 921:  Hacker Street to Westerberg Way
PA 46:  Smethport to East Smethport
PA 155:  Port Allegheny to one-half mile east of Port Allegheny
PA 44:  Coudersport to Sweden Valley
PA 287:  Stokesdale to Wellsboro
PA 660:  Wellsboro to Whitneyville
PA 14:  Troy to two-tenths of a mile east of Troy
PA 92:  Tunkhannock to Dixon
US 11:  two-tenths of a mile west of Factoryville to PA 107
PA 107:  US 6/US 11 to Jermyn
SR 1041:  Gordon Avenue to Carbondale
Business US 6:  Carbondale to US 6
SR 3030:  US 6 to PA 296
PA 191:  Park Street to 4th Street in Honesdale
PA 590:  Hawley to Wilsonville
US 209:  Milford to the New York state line
Counties: Crawford, Erie, Warren, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Bradford, Wyoming, Lackawanna, Wayne, and Pike
Expressway: None
BicyclePA Route L marker BicyclePA Route: PA 107 to PA 171
BicyclePA Route Y marker BicyclePA Route: Entire length
History: Signed through Pennsylvania in 2018.
Links: US Bicycle Route 36 (Pennsylvania) - Ride with GPS
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US Bicycle Route 50 marker
Western Entrance: West Virginia state line three miles west of Hanlin
Eastern Entrance: Maryland state line four miles east of Deal
Length: 163.20 miles
National Highway System:
Old Clairton Road to Peters Creek Road
Names: Panhandle Trail, Montour Trail, Pleasant Street, Brownsville Road, Stewart Road, Triphammer Road, Piney Fork Road, Peters Creek Road, 1st Avenue, Oak Road, Old Clairton Road, Clairton Boulevard, North State Street, Glassport-Clairton Bridge, Ohio Avenue, 9th Street, Monongahela Avenue, North Monongahela Avenue, West 5th Avenue, Ramp Number 2, Pacific Street, Erie Street, Rebecca Street, Atlantic Avenue, Roanoke Street, Ramp Number 1, Lysle Boulevard, Strawberry Street, Great Allegheny Passage, Water Street, Mary Street, 15th Street Bridge, River Road, River Ridge Road, North 3rd Street, South 3rd Street, Pinkerton Tunnel, Evergreen Drive, and Markleton School Road
Multiplexed Routes: SR 3011:  Brownsville Road to Montour Trail
SR 3014:  Montour Trail to Gill Hall Road
PA 51:  Old Clairton Road to Peters Creek Road
PA 837:  Montour Trail to Glassport-Clairton Bridge
SR 2038:  PA 837 to SR 2001
SR 2001:  Glassport-Clairton Bridge
SR 2094:  Ramp Number 1 to Strawberry Street
SR 2096:  Great Allegheny Passage to Liberty Way
SR 2027:  Glenn Avenue to River Ridge Road
Counties: Washington, Allegheny, Westmoreland, Fayette, and Somerset
Expressway: None
BicyclePA Route S marker BicyclePA Route: PA 136 to North 7th Street in Connellsville
South 7th Street in Connellsville to the Pinkerton Tunnel
Pinkerton Tunnel to SR 2016 in Rockwood
History: Signed through Pennsylvania in 2017.
Links: US Bicycle Route 50 (Pennsylvania) - Ride with GPS
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