US 209
Auxiliary Routes

US 209

Southern Terminus: US 209 in Sciota
Northern Terminus: US 209 in Marshalls Creek
Length: 14.08 miles
National Highway System: None
Names: Hamilton East Road, West Main Street, Main Street, Brown Street (northbound), Courtland Street (northbound), Broad Street (southbound), Washington Street (southbound), McConnell Street (southbound), Fifth Street (southbound), South Courtland Street, North Courtland Street, and Milford Road
SR Designations:
2012:  US 209 to Marshalls Creek
0611:  Park Avenue to Ninth Street
0191:  Main Street to McConnell Street
2014:  Fifth Street to Courtland Street (southbound)
0447:  Independence Road to Milford Road
County: Monroe
Expressway: None
Multiplexed Routes: PA 611:  Park Avenue to Ninth Street
PA 191:  Main Street to McConnell Street
PA 447:  Independence Road to Milford Road
Former Designations: PA 2  (1925 - 1928):  Ninth Street to Park Avenue
US 209 (1928 - 1962):  I-80 to Seven Bridge Road
US 611 (1928 - 1963):  Ninth Street to Park Avenue
US 209 (1928 - 1964):  Sciota to I-80
US 209  (1928 - 2012):  Seven Bridge Road to US 209
PA 33  (1927 - 1928)
PA 12 (1927 - 1928)
History: Signed in 1962 when US 209 was placed on Interstate 80, its original southern terminus was Exit 305.  In 1964, the southern terminus was moved from Exit 305 of I-80 to its current location south of Sciota.

In 1965, the designation was split in Stroudsburg, with Brown Street and Courtland Street taking the northbound traffic, and southbound traffic using Washington Street, McConnell Street, and Fifth Street.

In 1991, the bridge over Brodhead Creek was replaced by a wider crossing with a median.

On June 11, 2012, the designation was extended northward from Seven Bridge Road to the new section of US 209 when the Marshalls Creek Bypass opened.  Part of the final phase of the bypass project took place on the route which entailed reconstructing the intersection with Seven Bridge Road, rehabilitating the bridge over Marshalls Creek in the Village, and paving the road between the Village and the northern end of the bypass.  The work was completed by the end of 2013.

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