US 62

Much like many US routes that were extended after the initial signing in 1925, US 62 did not enter Pennsylvania until 1932.  The first change in the routing took place in 1935 when it was moved from the current PA 157, PA 208, and PA 36 alignment between Oil City and Tionesta and placed on its current alignment.  

In 1940, the highway was widened from Oil City to PA 257 and Starbrick to Warren.  In 1941, the highway was widened from Zahniser Road to Old Sharon Road and from Warren to Venturetown.  In 1946, widening work occurred between Venturetown and Hatch Run Road.  In 1948, widening took place from PA 8 to Franklin.

The 1950s saw even more work taking place on the highway with widening taking place from Scott Run Road to Starbrick in 1951 and from Franklin to Front Street in 1952.  In 1956, the highway was widened from Front Street to Reno, the Borough of Sugarcreek line to Oil City, and Tionesta to the Tionesta Township line.  Also that year, the route was changed in Oil City with westbound traffic signed on Imperial Street and East Front Street, while eastbound traffic continued to use the original route on East First Street, Wilson Avenue, and East Second Street.  Construction on the first segment of US 62 that would have a median began in 1957 on the Shenango Valley Freeway which would bypass Sharon and open in 1958.  Up to that time, US 62 was signed on Irvine Avenue and State Street through Sharon.  Also that year, a median was installed on the section between Franklin and Reno.  In 1959, a new street was built from Second Street to Front Street and received the US 62 designation the following year with eastbound traffic on East First Street and westbound on Front Street.

Changes to the route kept happening in the 1960s with a new alignment opening between Valentine Run Road and Cable Hollow Road in the first year of the decade.  Prior to that year, the designation was signed on Old Russell Road through the village.  In 1968, construction began on a new expressway alignment north of the existing alignment in Irvine and a median was installed on the alignment from Reno to Oil City.  In 1969, the new segment of US 6 expressway between Youngsville and Irvine opened.

The 1970s began where the 1960s ended with work taking place on the highway west of Warren.  In 1970, a median was installed from Old Route Six to Pennsylvania Avenue.  In 1971, construction began from Warren to Hatch Run Road to widen and install a median on that section.  Also that year, the designation was moved off Old Russell Road between Cable Hollow Road and the New York state line onto the current alignment.  In 1972, the section between Warren and Cable Hollow Road was finished.  In 1973, construction began on the Warren Bypass from US 6/US 62 to the Main Avenue interchange and opened in 1976.  The new section caused the designation to be removed from Pennsylvania Avenue between US 6/US 62 and Ludlow Street and placed on its current alignment.

US 62 Auxiliary Routes
Terminus of US 62 - Dale Sanderson
US 62 Pictures - Steve Alpert

Ohio state line in Sharon.
New York state line four miles north of Russell.
Length: 115 miles
Ohio state line to PA 18
PA 8 to the New York state line
Names: Irvine Avenue, Shenango Valley Freeway, Connelly Boulevard, State Street, Sharon-Mercer Road, Market Street, Franklin Road, Main Street, Franklin Street, Mercer Road, 15th Street, Liberty Street, Washington Crossing Road, William Flinn Highway, Colonel Francis S. Gabreski Highway, Franklin-Oil City Road, Allegheny Avenue, Petroleum Street, First Street, Front Street, Second Street, Riverside Drive, Oil City Road, Elm Street, Grand Army of the Republic Highway, Ludlow Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, Laurel Street, and Fourth Avenue
SR 0062
SR 0019:  Mercer
SR 0006:  Irvine to Warren
Counties: Mercer, Venango, Forest, and Warren
Expressway: US 6 to Scott Run Road
Pennsylvania Avenue to US 6
PA 258:  Mercer
US 19:  Mercer
PA 58:  Mercer
PA 173:  Sandy Lake
PA 8:  Uniontown to Oil City
US 322:  Franklin
PA 36:  Tionesta
US 6:  Irvine to Business US 6
Business US 6:  US 6 to Warren
PA 55  (1927 - 1928):  Business US 62 to Mercer
PA 25  (1927 - 1928):  Mercer to PA 8
PA 57  (1927 - 1932):  Oil City to Rose Gardens
PA 66  (1927 - 1932):  Tionesta to Warren County SR 1015
PA 65  (1928 - 1932):  Ohio state line to Oil City
PA 157  (1930 - 1932):  Oil City to Tionesta
BicyclePA Route Y
BicyclePA Route:
US 6 to Warren

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