US 140
Baltimore Pike

Signed in 1926, this was one of the more historical highways in the US Highway System.  It did not traverse a famous trail nor route used by a military commander, but rather the battlefield of one of the most pivotal battles in the Civil War.  From Blacksmith Shop Road to its northern terminus at Business US 15, it passed through the southeastern section of the Gettysburg National Military Park.  In fact, the northern terminus was located near the Gettysburg National Cemetery where the fallen Union soldiers were buried.

The route changed little during its existence, except for the widening north and south of Littlestown which took place in 1958.

PA 97
Terminus of US 140 - Dale Sanderson

Maryland state line three miles south of Littlestown.
Business US 15 in Gettysburg.
Length: 12 miles
Name: Baltimore Pike
County: Adams
Expressway: None
PA 31  (1927 - 1928)
Decommissioned: 1979
Replaced By: PA 97

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