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Interstate Highways
I-70 I-76 I-78 I-79 I-80 I-81 I-83 I-84 I-86 I-90 I-95 I-99
I-176 I-276 I-376 IBL-376 I-476 I-676 I-279 I-579 I-180 I-380 I-283

Interstate 279 and 376 Exit Renumbering
Due to the extension of Interstate 376 and the length of Interstate 279 being cut, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation implemented new exit numbers based on the new mileages.  PennDOT District 11-0 has created Interstate 279 and 376 Exit Renumbering PDF that shows the old and new exit numbers.

US Highways
US 1 US 6 US 11 US 13 US 15 US 22 US 30 US 40 US 119 US 202 US 209 US 219 US 220 US 222 US 322 US 422

State Highways
PA 8 PA 12 PA 28 PA 29 PA 33 PA 56 PA 63 PA 65 PA 147

PA 248

PA 283

PA 309

PA 378

PA 581 PA 611 PA 760 PA 940 SR

Toll Highways

PA Turnpike

PA Turnpike 43

PA Turnpike 66

Toll I-376

PA Turnpike 576

Pennsylvania Highways Mobile

Have you ever thought, "I wonder what is at the next exit?" while traveling thru the Commonwealth?  Well your wondering is over.  The exit guides listed above will start coming on-line, or on-air as the case may be, accessible through a cell phone or smartphone.  Just type in the following address into your device's Web browser or scan the QR code with a QR reader application on your device, and you too will be able to retrieve the same exit information found above.*

*Only the Interstate exit guides are currently available.  Beta-tested on a Palm m505, Motorola v710, LG VX-8300, BlackBerry Storm, Sony PSP, and Apple iPhone.

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