Interstate 376
Business Routes

Interstate Business Loop 376 Western Terminus: I-376 at Exit 50 in Moon
Eastern Terminus: I-376 at Exit 57 in Robinson
Length: 6.88 miles
National Highway System: Entire length
Names: Airport Parkway, 99th Infantry Division Memorial Highway, and Beaver Valley Expressway
SR Designation: SR 3160
County: Allegheny
Expressway: I-376 to University Boulevard
International Drive to I-376
Multiplexed Routes: None
Former Designations:
PA 60  (1961 - 1992):  PA 60 to University Boulevard
PA 60  (1972 - 1992):  University Boulevard to PA 60
Business PA 60 (1992 - 2009)
Orange Belt Belt System: I-376 to University Boulevard
History: The only Interstate business route that originates from Interstate 376 for its entire length, and the only three-digit one located within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the first in the Northeast since Interstate Business Spur 495 in Massachusetts was decommissioned.

Signed in 2009 when the Interstate 376 designation was extended to Sharon and supplanted the PA 60 designation.

Due to construction of the US Airways flight operations center and development along Cherrington Parkway, the Ewing Road interchange needed an upgrade to facilitate the increased traffic.  The first phase was installing new traffic signals and expansion of the eastern side of the interchange.  A roundabout, the first to be built in Allegheny County in years, was selected as the remedy for the western side of the interchange.  On June 27, 2011 at 11 AM, the eastbound on-/off- ramps closed for construction and reopened on October 31 when the $950,000 project was completed.

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Interstate 376
Business PA 60 (Decommissioned)
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