Interstate 83
Business Routes

Interstate Business Loop 83 Southern Terminus: I-83 at Exit 15 in York
Northern Terminus: I-83 at Exit 22 in York
Length: 5.44 miles
National Highway System: None
Name: George Street
SR Designations: SR 3036:  Exit 15 of I-83 to York
SR 3065:  York to Exit 22 of I-83
County: York
Expressway: Exit 15 of I-83 to Country Club Road
Multiplexed Route: PA 181:  US 30 to Exit 22 of I-83
Former Designations:
PA 4 (1925 - 1928)
US 111 (1928 - 1960)
Alternate US 111 (1960 -1961)
BicyclePA Route J BicyclePA Route: PA 462 to Interstate 83
History: The only Interstate business route that originates from Interstate 83 for its entire length, and the only two-digit one located within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Construction on the section from Interstate 83 to Country Club Road began in 1958 and finished one year later.

The original route had it traveling George Street for its entire southbound path and northbound, it turns at Jackson Street, turns north onto Duke Street, and then west on North Street to get back to George Street.  The designation was moved completely to George Street in 2001 when it was made two-way.

In May 2003, PennDOT began rehabilitating the section from Interstate 83 at Exit 15 to Country Club Road.  Not only widening and realignment of the ramps at I-83 with construction of a ramp from southbound Business Loop I-83 to northbound I-83, but also resurfacing the highway was part of the project.  The project concluded on December 6, 2006 at a final cost of $58 million.

Interstate Business Loop 83 Pictures
Interstate 83
US 111 (Decommissioned)
Interstate Business Loop 83 - Andy Field/Alex Nitzman
Interstate Business Loop 83 - Tim Reichard
Interstate Business Loop 83 Interchange Browser - Tim Reichard
Interstate Business Loop 83 Pictures - Andy Field/Alex Nitzman

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