US 106

The original alignment of US 106 had it start at Wyalusing and followed the current US 6 alignment to Carbondale.  In 1928, the route was changed to begin in Wyalusing and continued to New Milford on current PA 706.  It then followed US 11 to Kingsley where it then switched to the current PA 106 to travel to Carbondale.  Beginning in Carbondale, it was multiplexed with US 6 to Indian Orchard where it then followed current PA 652 to the New York state line.

US 106 was improved a few times over the years.  Starting in 1940, it was widened from Carbondale to the Wayne County line.  In 1951, it was widened from the Wayne County line to Waymart and widened in 1961 between Honesdale and the Texas Township line.

Finally in 1972, US 106 was decommissioned.

Terminus of US 106 - Dale Sanderson

US 309 in Wyalusing.
New York state line over the Delaware River one-half mile east of Darbytown.
Length: 87 miles
Names: Church Street, Taylor Avenue, Wyalusing Street, Lackawanna Trail, Main Street, Fallbrook Street, Dundaff Street, Grand Army of the Republic Highway, and Beach Lake Highway
Counties: Bradford, Susquehanna, Lackawanna, and Wayne
Expressway: None
PA 2  (1925 - 1930):  New Milford to Kingsley
US 6  (1926 - 1928):  Wyalusing to Carbondale
PA 19  (1926 - 1928):  Indian Orchard to the New York state line
PA 47  (1927 - 1928):  Wyalusing to Stevensville; Kingsley to Carbondale
PA 67  (1927 - 1928):  Stevensville to New Milford
Decommissioned: 1972
Replaced By: PA 706:  Wyalusing to US 11
PA 106:  Kingsley to Carbondale
PA 652:  Indian Orchard to the New York state line

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