US 230

The precursor to the PA 283 expressway that now runs between Harrisburg and Lancaster, US 230 was originally signed from the capital to Maryland in 1926.  It began at the intersection of Front Street and Maclay Street, then turned onto Cameron Street before entering Steelton on Front Street and Second Street.  The designation followed the current PA 230 alignment through the remainder of Dauphin and Lancaster Counties.  However, before the interchange with PA 283, it bared to the right onto Salunga Road, Main Street, Harrisburg Pike, and Harrisburg Avenue to enter Lancaster.  From Lancaster to Maryland, it followed the current US 222 alignment.  In 1927, the route was under construction in Steelton and was completed the following year.  Also in 1928, the eastern terminus was moved out of Maryland to the intersection of King Street and Prince Street.   

In 1938, it was widened from Harrisburg to Middletown, Elizabethtown to Florin, and Mount Joy to Salunga.  In 1949, widening took place from Middletown to the current access to PA 283, and Foxanna Road to Cedar Avenue.  A new section opened that year from the current PA 230 interchange to PA 72.

In 1950, the route in Lancaster changed to follow Manheim Pike and Dillerville Road back to Harrisburg Avenue.  In 1951, construction was extended to US 222 at Oregon Pike.  The following year that section of expressway opened and the designation was signed on it to the Fruitville Pike interchange, then onto Fruitville Pike to the terminus at King Street.  Construction began from Oregon Pike to US 30 east of Lancaster, also widening between the current access to PA 283 to Foxanna Road occurred in 1952.  In 1954, the remainder of the expressway from US 222 to US 30 opened to traffic and with that, the designation placed on it entirely and a new eastern terminus created outside of Lancaster.

The 1960s marked not only the final years of the designation, but also one last change in the route.  In 1961, the western terminus was moved from the banks of the Susquehanna River to the intersection of Maclay Street and Cameron Street in Harrisburg near the Farm Show Complex.  Finally in 1967, the US 230 shields were removed and PA 230 shields put in their place.

US 230 Auxiliary Routes
PA 230
PA 283
Terminus of US 230 - Dale Sanderson

Bypass US 22 in Harrisburg.
US 30 in Lancaster.
Length: 40 miles
Names: Cameron Street, Front Street, Second Street, Harrisburg Pike, Main Street, North Market Street, Market Street, West Main Street, and Old Harrisburg Pike
Counties: Dauphin and Lancaster
Expressway: PA 72 to US 30
PA 41  (1926 - 1928)
Decommissioned: 1967
Replaced By: PA 230:  Harrisburg to Salunga
PA 283:  Salunga to US 30

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