US 622

This US highway has very little history to its name.  Signed in 1926, the route followed the current PA 928 alignment from the Maryland state line to Big Cove Tannery where it turned onto the current US 522 alignment.  The designation shown on a Rand McNally map of Pennsylvania from 1927.  US 622 was decommissioned in 1928.

Terminus of US 622 - Dale Sanderson

Maryland state line three miles south of Plum Run.
US 22 in Mount Union.
Length: 55 miles
Names: Tollgate Ridge Road, Big Cove Tannery Road, Great Cove Road, Second Street, Croghan Pike, Ridgley Street, Shirley Street, and North Jefferson Street
Counties: Fulton and Huntingdon
Expressway: None
PA 44  (1927 - 1928):  Big Cove Tannery to Mount Union
Decommissioned: 1928
Replaced By: PA 928:  Maryland state line to Big Cove Tannery
US 522:  Big Cove Tannery to US 22

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