US 711

US 711 has very little history to its designation.  The routing it took was current PA 147 from Northumberland to PA 405, then turned onto Susquehanna Trail to Muncy, then the it followed several current routes:  PA 405 from Muncy to Hughesville, US 220 from Hughesville to Greens Landing, and PA 199 to the New York state line.  

In 1927, the highway was under construction between Sonestown and Prospect Avenue in Laporte and the surface from Ringdale to New Albany was also unimproved.  The following year the Sonestown to Prospect Avenue section was completed and the Ringdale to New Albany section upgraded.  However, it was also in 1928 when the route was decommissioned.

Terminus of US 711 - Dale Sanderson

US 11 in Northumberland.
New York state line in South Waverly.
Length: 97 miles
Names: Duke Street, Front Street, Susquehanna Trail, Main Street, East Water Street, Trout Pond Boulevard, Bridge Street, Keystone Avenue, Mohawk Street, and Spring Street
Counties: Northumberland, Lycoming, Sullivan, and Bradford
Expressway: None
PA 4  (1925 - 1930):  Northumberland to Muncy
PA 14  (1927 - 1928):  Muncy to Beech Glen
PA 42  (1927 - 1928):  Beech Glen to the New York state line
Decommissioned: 1928
Replaced By: US 111:  Northumberland to Muncy
PA 405:  Muncy to Hughesville
US 220:  Hughesville to the New York state line

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