PA 147

PA 147 map

Gantry on I-80 for PA 147 End of I-180 and beginning of PA 147
I-180/PA 147 gantry on I-80 eastbound End I-180/South PA 147 signage
Southbound on PA 147 where it becomes a super 2 Reassurance marker southbound
Not to far south of the interchange of I-80/180/PA 147, the freeway becomes a super 2. Reassurance signage southbound
All text guide sign Southbound at the PA 254 exit
Text only PA 254 exit sign. Exit for PA 254, space is already allocated for a eventual widening for northbound only lanes.
Overpass with room for another set of lanes Southbound at the PA 642 exit
Another overpass on PA 147 with space allocated for future expansion. Here's the PA 642 exit.

Close-up of the PA 642 overpass
Close-up view of the PA 642 overpass

PA 147 was a super two connecting I-80/I-180 and Williamsport with Sunbury and US 11.  Originally PA 147 ended in Williamsport at US 15/US 220, but was truncated at I-80 when I-180 was designated.  Each overpass on PA 147 had spaced allocated for an eventual four-lane widening, which concluded in Fall 2004.  For more see my US 11/US 15 Selinsgrove Bypass page.

PA 147
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The PA 147 Corridor - Tim Reichard

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