PA 1 marker To marker PA 50 marker PA 251 marker To marker PA 300 marker PA 501 marker To marker PA 550 marker PA 751 marker To marker PA 800 marker
PA 51 marker To marker PA 100 marker PA 301 marker To marker PA 350 marker PA 551 marker To marker PA 600 marker PA 801 marker To marker PA 850 marker
PA 101 marker To marker PA 150 marker PA 351 marker To marker PA 400 marker PA 601 marker To marker PA 650 marker PA 851 marker To marker PA 900 marker
PA 151 marker To marker PA 200 marker PA 401 marker To marker PA 450 marker PA 651 marker To marker PA 700 marker PA 901 marker To marker PA 950 marker
PA 201 marker To marker PA 250 marker PA 451 marker To marker PA 500 marker PA 701 marker To marker PA 750 marker PA 951 marker To marker PA 999 marker
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How the System is Designated
0001 - 0999:  Interstates, US Routes, and PA Routes (Traffic Routes)
1000 - 1999:  Northeast Quadrant Routes (Non-Traffic Routes)1
2000 - 2999:  Southeast Quadrant Routes (Non-Traffic Routes)1
3000 - 3999:  Southwest Quadrant Routes (Non-Traffic Routes)1
4000 - 4999:  Northwest Quadrant Routes (Non-Traffic Routes)1
5000 - 5999:  Non-toll PA Turnpike Routes
6000 - 6999:  Relocated Traffic Routes2
7000 - 7999:  Turnbacks, Abandoned, or Nulls
8001 - 8999:  Interchanges3
9101 - 9199:  WYEs4
9201 - 9299:  Rest Areas5
9301 - 9399:  Truck Escape Ramps5
9401 - 9499:  Others
9501 - 9599:  Park and Ride

1.  The first digit of a quadrant route is based on the quadrant of the county in which the route is located.
Quadrant numbering example

2.  The last three digits of a relocated traffic route are the same as the traffic route that was relocated.

3.  Interchanges are numbered sequentially.  Odd numbers are given to interchanges along SRs in the north/south direction; even numbers are given to interchanges along SRs in the east/west direction.
Interchange numbering example

4.  WYEs are given odd numbers if the connecting SR is odd numbered, and even numbers if the connecting SR is even numbered.

5.  Rest areas or truck escape ramps are given odd numbers if they connect to the southbound or westbound side of an SR, and even numbers if they connect to the northbound or eastbound side.

Odd numbered SRs are assigned to north/south directions and even number SRs are assigned to east/west directions.  The odd/even convetion MAY NOT apply to US or PA traffic routes.

If two or more traffic routes occupy the same section of roadway, the following hierarchy applies:

  1. Interstate Routes
  2. US Routes
  3. PA Routes
  4. Quadrant Routes

If the traffic routes are the same hierarchy class, then the SR number is assigned the lower numbered traffic route.
Multiplex numbering example