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Pennsylvania Highways Bookstore offers one of the largest and most varied inventories for Internet shopping. Below are some selections that I recommend for purchase by anyone who is interested in Pennsylvania, its highways, or their history.  Books on other topics, CDs, movies, toys, etc., can be viewed and purchased through's main site by clicking on the graphic at left.

The Lincoln Highway:  Pennsylvania Traveler's Guide
by Brian A. Butko (2002)

We all know about the nostalgia and history of Route 66, but no one ever focuses on the Lincoln Highway.  I have a copy of the 1996 version and would recommend this new edition to anyone.  Also, in this edition, yours truly is mentioned on page 31 with the US 1 page's address and a quote from the page.

Greetings From The Lincoln Highway:  America's First Coast-to-Coast Road
by Brian A. Butko (2005)

Brian extends his coverage of the Lincoln Highway to encompass the entire route from New York to San Francisco.  Meet the people who live along the route as well as see sights that made the trip along the route a unique experience.  My name happens to be mentioned on the Acknowledgements page.  Thank you, Brian.

The Lincoln Highway: Coast to Coast from Times Square to the Golden Gate
by Michael Wallis and Michael S. Williamson (Photographer) (2007)

The author of Route 66:  The Mother Road and one of the stars of Cars, extends his knowledge of historic routes to the Lincoln Highway.  Visit some of the towns and offbeat places along the Lincoln for a trip down memory lane.

The Great American Road Trip: US 1 Maine to Florida
by Peter Genovese (1999)

The forerunner of Interstate 95 can not match others in the combination of history, culture, scenery, roadside attractions, variety, and vitality along its 2,450 miles.  The FBI, Bronx Zoo, and Independence Hall are just some notable sights that can be found along US 1.

Pennsylvania's Scenic Route 6:  A Guide to Historic Sites, Towns and Natural Lands
by John G. Hope (2002)

It traverses the northern tier of Pennsylvania, and at one time the United States from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Long Beach, California.

The Road Taken:  A Journey in Time Down Pennsylvania Route 45
by Joan Morse Gordon (2001)

Take a ride down one of the most unique, and at one time longest, state route.  Learn not only a little about the events that happened along the alignment, but also in the Commonwealth's history.

Right-of-Way Man:  Clearing the Path for Our Nation's Highways
by James Broadbent (1999)

A book about highways from someone who should know a thing or two about them:  a former PennDOT employee.  This book details the story of one man and his trials and tribulations while trying to secure land for Interstate 279 and other highway projects through the Pittsburgh area.

The Bridges of Pittsburgh
by Bob Regan (2006)

Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice, Italy, so it is no surprise that it is called the "City of Bridges."  Whether you cross them everyday, or are just  interested in bridges, this book is something to check out.  Not only are bridges covered, but also the tunnels in the area.  Included are driving, walking, biking, and boating tours of the city so you can see as many bridges as possible.

Pittsburgh's Bridges:  Architecture and Engineering
by Walter C. Kidney (1999)

Bridges not only provide a means for crossing a river or stream, but can reflect the times through their architecture.  This book details some of the bridges that are in the Pittsburgh area.

Historic Bridges of Pennsylvania
by William H. Shank (1997)

Being that Pennsylvania has many rivers and streams flowing through it, it is no surprise that there are many bridges within the state boundary.  This book details the historic ones, which some of you have probably crossed and didn't know how historic it was.

A Field Guide to Interstate 95 : The Travelers Companion to the History, Geography and Trivia That Lie Beneath the Nations Busiest Highway
by John Cribb (1989)

The best companion for the information that I provide through the exit guides and the history pages.

Drive I-95
by Stan Posner and Sandra Phillips-Posner (2004)

Maps and exit information to help navigate the longest north-south Interstate on the Atlantic Coast.

Along Interstate 80:  Pennsylvania
by Stephen C. Price (1993)

History and culture of the area traversed by the "loneliest Interstate in Pennsylvania."

Pennsylvania Turnpike:  A History
by Dan Cupper (2001)

A very detailed history of the first superhighway in the United States.  I have a copy of the first edition he did in 1990 which was extremely useful in the production of the Pennsylvania Turnpike history page.

Images of America:  The Pennsylvania Turnpike
by Mitchell E. Dakelman and Neal A. Schorr (2004)

Another in the "Images of America" series to debut, this time focusing on the first long-distance limited access expressway in the United States.  Filled with pictures from construction to modern day, it illustrates the history of the Turnpike.

Vanderbilt's Folly, A History of the Pennsylvania Turnpike
by William H. Shank (1999)

Details the history of the South Penn Railroad, the rail predecessor to the Turnpike of today.

Traveling the National Road
edited by Merritt Ierley (1993)

A nice book to help you find your way on the National Road, another of Pennsylvania's historic highways.

The National Road in Pennsylvania
by Cassandra Vivian (2003)

From its early life as an Indian trail, to its current incarnation as a US highway, explore the history of this western Pennsylvania highway via pictures.

A Guide to the National Road
edited by Carl Raitz and George F. Thompson (1996)

Trace the history and growth of the country via a trip on the first Federally funded highway, that united a new country.

Backroads of Pennsylvania:  Your Guide to Pennsylvania's Most Scenic Backroad Adventures
by Marcus Schneck (2003)

If you like taking a trip off the beaten path, then this is the book for you.  It will guide you on the backroads and help you find those hidden gems of the Commonwealth.

Indian Trails to Superhighways
by William H. Shank (1996)

A nice book that details the development of the highway system in Pennsylvania from back in the days of Indian trails up to today with our extensive expressway system.  To think, I have been giving it away free since 1997.

Pennsylvania Transportation History
by William H. Shank (2000)

Another book from Mr. Shank detailing the history of the entire transportation system of the Commonwealth.

Divided Highways : Building the Interstate Highways, Transforming American Life
by Tom Lewis (1999)

For anyone who wants to know the real story behind the glorious superhighways of the United States.

The Roads that Built America: The Incredible Story of the U.S. Interstate System
by Dan McNichol (2003)

Covers the history and evolution of the United States highway system, and focuses on the changes brought about by the Interstate System.

The Big Roads: The Untold Story of the Engineers, Visionaries, and Trailblazers Who Created the American Superhighways
by Earl Swift (2011)

History and evolution of the road system of the United States from narrow, dirt paths to today's wide, concrete expressways, and focuses on the changes brought about by the Interstate System for good and bad.  I wrote a review of this publication for the Blog.

Hitting the Road: The Art of the American Road Map
by Douglas A. Yorke, Jr. and John Margolies (1996)

Everyone has used one at one time or another.  You can even purchase them at this site, but do you really know the history of the road map?  Trace their history from when the automobile was in its infancy, through the construction of the Interstate System which created a boom in their production, to their demise during the 1970s Oil Crisis.

Moon Handbooks:  Pennsylvania
by Joanne Miller (2005)

This book offers a comprehensive look at the people, places, history, and culture, of the Commonwealth while giving tips on lodging, dining, and things to see and do while here.

Scenic Driving Pennsylvania
by Rhonda and George Ostertag (1999)

Excellent guide for anyone who lives here or for the traveler coming to experience Pennsylvania on vacation and wants to take the scenic route.

Travel Smart: Pennsylvania/New Jersey
by J. Wandres (1999)

Another travel guide for the Commonwealth that covers practically everything from Erie to Philadelphia and Scranton to Pittsburgh.

Mobil Travel Guide 2010:  Mid-Atlantic
edited by Mobil Travel Guides (2009)

A must-have for anyone who is traveling in the Mid-Atlantic region.  The Mobil Travel Guides have been providing information for vacationers for years, and continue with this edition.  Everything from restaurants to antique shopping cane be found in them.

National Geographic's Driving Guides to America New York and Pennsylvania and New Jersey
by Randall Peffer, Pete Souza, and the National Geographic Society (1998)

A unique book that connects current landmarks and tourist destinations with the history of the past.

The Next Exit
edited by Mark T. Watson (2004)

A comprehensive guide to all of the exits of practically every Interstate in the country and also coverage of some Canadian freeways.  A ideal companion to the exit guides featured on this site.

Rest Area Guide to the United States and Canada
by Bill Cima (2002)

Another ideal companion to the exit guides, this is a comprehensive guide to the rest areas and their features.  Covers the Interstate System in the country and also some Canadian freeways.

Insiders' Guide to Pittsburgh
by Michele Margittai (2008)

A perfect guide for anyone who lives in or might be traveling to the "City of Champions."  Details everything from the history of the city to where to find that new nightspot.

Eyewitness Travel Guides:  Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Dutch Country
by DK Publishing (2009)

The most colorful and comprehensive tourist guides on the market releases another in a series of excellent travel guides that shows every aspect of "The City of Brotherly Love" and the Dutch Country.  From the Liberty Bell to the battlefield at Valley Forge, you will find all the information you need for an enjoyable trip to Philadelphia.

Not For Tourists:  Philadelphia
by Happy Mazza Media (2010)

Get the inside scoop on Philadelphia in a conveniently sized book that can be carried or fit in any handbag.  Featuring clear, easy-to-read maps, listings for services, restaurants, shops, schools, sports and entertainment venues, transportation, parks, and other amenities can be found quickly.

Pennsylvania Curiosities
by Clark DeLeon (2001)

Wondering where the Slinky to the Zippo lighter were created, or trying to figure out how to pronounce a word in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh?  Take this book along on your trip, and not only will you discover some interesting sights, but you'll learn some interesting facts.  Some of the Features are mentioned in the book.

Pennsylvania Overlooks: A Guide for Sightseers and Outdoor People
by Art Michaels (2003)

Pennsylvania has numerous scenic areas, and with the mountainous terrain, numerous overlooks.  If you traveling around Pennsylvania and want to enjoy the natural splendor of the Commonwealth, take this guide along.

A Guide to the History of Pennsylvania
edited by Dennis B. Downey and Francis J. Bremer (1993)

Details the rise of the Commonwealth from the days when William Penn stepped foot onto it, to the rise of the petroleum industry.  Chronicles the development by periods.

Our Pennsylvania
by Jerry Irwin (2003)

A nice coffee table book compiling photos of the people, land, and cities that make Pennsylvania what it is today.

Images of Pennsylvania
by LTA Publishing (1994)

Another book showcasing the people and places that make Pennsylvania the Keystone State.

William Penn:  Founder of Pennsylvania
by Steven Kroll (2000)

Excellent history of the man who founded the Commonwealth from his standing as a Quaker to his desire to worship freely.  Some things in this book may surprise you, if you thought you knew all about the man who created the state.

Pennsylvania Almanac
by Jere Martin (1997)

This book is a complete reference manual containing travel information, history, maps, and a government directory for the entire Commonwealth.

Places Rated Almanac
by David Savageau (2007)

For 25 years, this book has ranked the top 379 metropolitan areas in the country breaking them down by categories:  ambience, housing, jobs, crime, transportation, education, health care, recreation, and climate.  Pittsburgh has been ranked number one for the second time, while Philadelphia takes home the number five slot.

Pennsylvania 2012 Wall Calendar
by Mosley Road (2011)

A 16-month calendar howcasing the beauty of the state through photographs.

Pittsburgh Then and Now
by Arthur G. Smith (1990)

A history book detailing the changes that have taken place over the years to the "Steel City."  Some nice shots of what things looked like before the expressways came.

Millennium Philadelphia:  The Last 100 Years
edited by the Philadelphia Inquirer (1999)

A history book with many photographs from the Inquirer's archives.  This is another book that is in the Pennsylvania Highways library, and where I was able to get pictures for the I-76, I-476, and I-95 pages.

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