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Don’t Pull Those Threads!

It is the newest social media craze to hit the Internet:  Threads.  Just don’t pull those threads, instead follow them.

If you don’t know by now, Threads is Meta’s (Facebook’s and Instagram’s parent company) competitor to Twitter.  It is more on the Instagram side of the company, as it is an off-shoot of that product.  However, it is more like a text-based version of that product.  Even so, it gained 10 million followers in less time than Twitter, or even Facebook.

As I mentioned, it is a product similar to Twitter in that a user can share anything with their followers or the entire Internet according to their privacy settings.  It is how Twitter used to be before changes took place when Elon Musk purchased control and took the company private.  Speaking of Elon, he is suing Meta.

Look for our content at Threads, along with Twitter.

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