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2018 Official Road Map

Knowing the track record of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, I figured there would be a new 2018 official road map.  Sure enough, there is, so I swung by the DMV office to pick up a few.  The following are the changes since the 2017 issue:

Snyder County/Union County
Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway (US 15 and PA 147) shown as under construction

The Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway is shown as under construction on the 2018 official road map

That is the only change to the 2018 official road map, but it is a big change. The Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway is another project that PennDOT shelved in the 1970s due to lack of funds, which is finally seeing the light of day.  The Governor Edward Rendell administration promised $51 million for the highway.  However, money for the project did not get allocated by the time he left office. Funding would not be secured until 2013 when Act 89 was signed into law by then Governor Tom Corbett. The bill provides for road projects, bridge repairs, as well as funding for public transit.

The map has the same dimensions as the previous year’s, and features the same amenities, such as the tourism slogan and “2018” in a keystone.  However, this year’s cover picture is from Kinzua Bridge State Park in McKean County.

Cover of the 2018 Department of Transportation map
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Announcements News

It’s a Snap…chat!

One thing that we have tried to make Pennsylvania Highways be is at the forefront of innovations of Internet technology.  Recently, that technology is with the evolution of social media, or what was once referred to as “Web 2.0.”  While we will be the first to admit that the site itself still has work to be done, it’s presence in social media has been extensive.  Some of our social media channels have worked out well engaging with the public, such as Twitter and Facebook, and others not so much, such as and Vimeo, have not.

One new social media outlet that has been talked about in recent time is Snapchat. It is similar to text messaging or instant messaging, except that the “snaps” you send someone automatically deletes itself after a period of time. Even with this limitation, businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and joining.

We figured we might as well jump on the bandwagon as well, but trying to navigate Snapchat is a little challenging. Businesses use it to advertise discount codes for their stores, share branded filters, or show “behind-the-scenes” activities. I doubt anyone wants to see me code pages or update content, so I guess it’ll be used to promote new construction projects. If you want to join us on the trip, just snap (see what I did there?) our snapcode below.

Pennsylvania Highways Snapcode
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