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2023 Official Road Map

I always keep up on when the Department of Transportation releases a new road map by periodically checking the Maps page at their site. Whenever I see a change in the copyright year in the northeast quadrant PDF, I know I need to scour the state for a copy.  Sure enough, for the first time since 2019 and 2020, there is a new 2023 official road map in back-to-back years.

Unlike in the past, I can not visit my local DMV office for a copy because it has since closed.  There are two welcome centers within a few hours of my house.  I do not have the time to drive out to them in the hopes that they have new maps.  I learned that they don’t always when I stopped at the welcome center on westbound Interstate 90 this past July.  Unfortunately, the only maps they were still giving out were 2022’s version.  So I just ordered my copy from the PennDOT Sales Office.  At least, acquiring this edition was not as daunting as trying to get copies of 2020’s map.  That took until 2021!  That year was understandable since the state was in the red due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  They wanted to use up the 2019 stock before offering 2020 copies.

Due to the election of Josh Shapiro as Governor in 2022, his name is now in the legend along with the new Secretary of Transportation, Michael B. Carroll.

Legend for the 2023 official state road map

The following are the changes in the 2023 official Pennsylvania map since the 2022 edition:

Centre County
Exit 163 on Interstate 80 completed as part of the first phase of the future interchange with Interstate 99.

The new local exit on I-80 which is the first part of the future I-99 interchange project.

Union County/Northumberland County
The Northern Section of the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway completed, and PA 147 rerouted onto it to end at its new southern terminus at US 15.

PA 147 part of the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway complete

The map has the same dimensions as the previous year’s.  However, the cover of the 2023 official road map features a picture of three women at a camp site.  One is doing yoga, another is walking, and a third is sitting in a chair drinking coffee. You can view the 2023 official road map on PennDOT’s site PDF icon.

Cover of the 2023 official state road map
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Don’t Pull Those Threads!

It is the newest social media craze to hit the Internet:  Threads.  Just don’t pull those threads, instead follow them.

If you don’t know by now, Threads is Meta’s (Facebook’s and Instagram’s parent company) competitor to Twitter.  It is more on the Instagram side of the company, as it is an off-shoot of that product.  However, it is more like a text-based version of that product.  Even so, it gained 10 million followers in less time than Twitter, or even Facebook.

As I mentioned, it is a product similar to Twitter in that a user can share anything with their followers or the entire Internet according to their privacy settings.  It is how Twitter used to be before changes took place when Elon Musk purchased control and took the company private.  Speaking of Elon, he is suing Meta.

Look for our content at Threads, along with Twitter.

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