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2015 Official Road Map

Christmas came a little late this year for yours truly, at least in terms of road-related presents.  Since I did not have time to get to the DMV, I figured I would just order the 2015 official road map directly from PennDOT.  Here are the changes since last year:

Carbon County
Exit 87 (E-ZPass-only) at PA 903 is now open on Interstate 476/Pennsylvania Turnpike-Northeast Extension

E-ZPass-only ramps at PA 903 in Carbon County are new on the 2015 official road map

Westmoreland County
PA Turnpike 66‘s exit numbers are finally shown along the expressway after the highway has been open since 1993 and changed from sequential to mileage-based in 2001.

PA Turnpike 66's exit numbers first appear on the 2015 official road map even though the highway has been open since 1993

Pittsburgh Inset
PA 28 now shown with the red expressway “stripe” from the 40th Street Bridge to the Butler Street interchange and the Millvale interchange now shown

East Ohio Street shown as an expressway on the 2015 official road map

The “missing link” in the limited-access roadway between the Interstate 279/Interstate 579 interchange and the 40th Street Bridge was a long time in coming. Activity began to pick up in the 2000s with construction planned to start in 2004 and end in 2009; however, the plan at the time was put on the shelf. Construction did not begin until 2010 and was completed last year.

Those are all of the changes to the 2015 official road map. It has the same dimensions as the previous year’s. However, this year’s cover features a picture of a two-lane roadway in the fall.

Cover of the 2015 Department of Transportation map