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Taking Pennsylvania Highways on the Road…Literally

Announcement of a presentation I am doing at the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor on the history of Pennsylvania’s highways.

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One of the things I like about working on this website is showing and explaining how the highway system of Pennsylvania has evolved over the years.  Now I am taking the show on the road…literally.

So on March 11, I am taking this website and crunching it down to an hour-long presentation entitled Pennsylvania’s Roadways:  From the Lincoln to Eisenhower.  It will be Sunday, March 11 beginning at 2 PM at the Lincoln Highway Experience, the headquarters for the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor, at 3435 Route 30 East (a.k.a. the Lincoln Highway) in Latrobe.  Refreshments will be provided.

Due to limited seating in the auditorium, advanced reservations are required, which can be made through the LHHC’s website or by calling 724-879-4241.  Admission is $10/person for non-LHHC members and $7/person for Friends of the Lincoln Highway.

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By pahighways

Jeff Kitsko has been the owner and webmaster of Pennsylvania Highways since its inception in 1997 as a means to illustrate the history of the Commonwealth's roadways.

One reply on “Taking Pennsylvania Highways on the Road…Literally”

We thank you so much for your insightful contribution to PA highways. It is great to see an enthusiast and expert share input and knowledge concerning Pennsylvania’s extensive highway system. Our engineers tell us that America’s infrastructure is aging, overused, mismanaged, and most strikingly -neglected. For so long, we used this network taking them for granted. We accepted their downfall and decaying condition as a fact of life. But people like you remind us of how important they really are. So thank you!

To extend your work, we kindly invite you to the newly launched, a one-stop public infrastructure reporting website that allows anyone to report issues and ideas concerning Airports to Water Systems. There is a section for Highways and even an entry already made in PA. Join us in this effort as we feel this platform can raise attention with policymakers and public managers. Before we can invest a dollar in our roads and bridges, we must raise awareness to targeted issues. It takes 1-2 minutes to give an anonymous entry. That’s 1-2 minutes of proactive civic engagement to help rebuild America.


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